September 2013 

A dying man tells the story of Beowulf to his nine-year-old son. It is not the most promising premise for a monologue. Yet this is a remarkable piece of theatre, indeed one of the best one-man shows to grace the Fringe in years. Bryan Burroughs wrote the delightful script in addition to playing more than a dozen characters, including Crocodile Dundee’s girlfriend and Chewbacca.

Burroughs is a charismatic and nimble performer with exceptional timing. He’s as happy mimicking Sean Connery’s James Bond as he is fighting an invisible dragon, and the story he tells is never less than gripping. Don’t be put off by the cutesy pop-culture references. Ably directed by David Horan, and produced for the Fringe Festival as part of the Show in a Bag initiative, this piece of theatre is tragic. Funny. Epic. Don’t miss it


AuthorSinead McPhillips